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Students in Costa Rica attend school between February and December so they have about 2 whole months off with very little to do. In January of this year the center provided the students from the neighbooring communities with a two week multicultural camp where we focused on the environment, art, culture, and exercise.

The students were involved in a myriad of activities with an emphasis on environmental conservation throughout the camp. Recycling was a major theme at the camp; the students created maracas, rain sticks, pinyatas, and pin wheels out of recycled material. Students made their own personal passports with their photo and the countries they plan on visiting. Students made picture frames out of fallen tree branches where they inserted pictures of them in the400 year old giant Almond Tree at Selva Verde Lodge.  We visited our good friends over at Chilamate Jungle Eco Lodge (http://www.chilamaterainforest.com/index.php?option=pros) where the kids created signs about being eco friendly to put up around the trails at the lodge. The kids went on a nature hike with a Naturialist guide where they learned about the medicinal plants found in their backyards. The studens learned how to make braceletes and necklaces out of materials in the center and wore them proudly. The students learned how to do yoga and Capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance) and learned about the Food Pyramid. 

All the volunteers were able to participate in the camp which gave them all a great introduction to life in Sarapiquí. All the students still visit us daily for the After School Program so it is nice to still be able to see their friendly faces!

Now hiring volunteers!!!


We are now accepting volunteer applicants for those interesting in joining our team!!  

 It is time to hire a new round of qualified volunteers for our upcoming January semester!!  The SCLC depends on its long-term volunteers to run many of its most crucial programs.  Some of the positions we are looking to fill are:  After School Programs Coordinator, Environmental Education Coordinator, ESL  and Scholarship Program Coordinators, and Ecotourism volunteers.  The volunteers must be highly skilled, willing to work full-time, and be responsible for coordinating their program. Volunteers generally work independently but also receive support from the administration and other volunteers. Because they primarily work with the local community, all volunteers should have at least an intermediate level of Spanish. All volunteers who make a minimum commitment of six months will be provided with free room and board with a local home stay family, plus a bicycle and Internet access.  


We also to welcome short-term volunteers year round, and are looking for experienced individuals interested incoming to help plan and host this January’s ‘SummerCamp’ extravaganza!!.  If you are interested or have any questions please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or check out the VOLUNTEER section of our webpage.




Preserving Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Habitats

As part of the SCLC’s high school scholarship program, local students of Sarapiqui are involved in different activities supporting conservation measures and environmental education. On March 28, 2009, the younger portion of the Scholarship students participated in a hike to visit an Alemendro tree that was approximately 620 years old. The nature walk was co-lead by Colombian Forestry Engineer student, Mauricio Molina and SCLC director Andrew Rothman. Different themes were discussed in an open dialogue throughout the hike and the tour proved to be an educational experience for everyone involved. The students continued to develop their knowledge about the importance of land conservation as well as learned firsthand about the significance of interrelated themes such as biodiversity, wildlife identification, sustainability, ecosystems, and different habitats of an array of species. Mauricio and Andrew discussed different species of trees and plant life, various types of soil, native birds, as well as the interdependence of ecosystems and the vital role biodiversity plays in the survival of each species. Overall the students were able to grasp the concepts of conservation and understand their individual parts to contribute to ecological sustainability for the future of Sarapiquí.


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